Super Powerful Fishing Magnetic Ring


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You can't stop the signal...


Bullet points: 

1 unique structure】: the magnet comes with two eye rings and the countersunk holes were designed in the center and on the side of the magnet. The unique design structure makes its function more powerful. 

2 double-sided magnet】: 2.36 inches maximum diameter of 600 pounds of tensile force, double-sided magnetic design best used for magnet fishing. 

3 widely use】: magnets useful for magnet fishing, lifting, hanging, recovery applications and industrial use. 

4 high quality】: The best available coating, Ni + Cu + Ni Triple coated layer, permanent magnetic force, long service life made under the ISO 9001 Quality System.

5 Treasure hunt: treasure hunting in the river or the sea you never know what you can find. All you need is a strong and ready to use rope. 


Color: silver 

Number of images: 1 

Combined tensile force: 360/600/926 / 1700LBS 

Size: as in the picture. 

Material: NdFeB magnets + A3 steel cup!

Additional information


1540g, 275g, 900g, 730g, 500g


94mm, 48mm, 75mm, 67mm, 60mm


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