15 In 1 Paracord Survival Bracelet Multi-Function Military Emergency Camping Rescue EDC Escape Tactical Wrist Strap


This won’t be your main survival tool, but hey, it’s easy to carry, has some interesting functions, and gives you those fashionable wilderness survival creds. Heck, might even earn you one of those wilderness survival badges!

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Paracord Survival Bracelet Uses

The manufacturer assures us there are 15 different functions, but from what we can tell there are:

  • Paracord (if you ever have to use it, good luck weaving it back into a functional bracelet!)
  • Water filled compass
  • Water filled temperature gauge
  • Emergency whistle?
  • Tool attachment (screwdriver, small wrench, bottle-opener)
  • Other features we can’t identify from the pix, but there must be another 8 things it does, right?

In other words, for the price it might be a good deal, but don’t expect too much.

Leave us a product review with pics of the good, bad, and ugly, and we will send you a discount coupon for a future purchase to console you for any pain and suffering.

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